Affordable Diver Watches: Discover the best diver watches under 500 USD, offering durability, water resistance, and exceptional value.

Best Diver Watches Under 500 USD in 2023

When it comes to choosing a diver watch under 500 USD, we believe the adage ‘quality doesn’t have to break the bank’ holds true.

In this article, we present the 8 best diver watches that offer exceptional performance and durability without compromising on affordability.

Our knowledgeable buying guide will assist you in selecting the perfect timepiece that meets your needs and budget.

Dive into our expert recommendations and make a splash with your next watch purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • Orient Kamasu, Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster, Timex Men’s Navi XL, and Casio G-Shock GWF-1000-1jf are some of the top diver watches under $500.
  • Factors to consider when buying diver watches under $500 include price vs. quality, water resistance ratings, movement type (automatic or quartz), material and durability, and brand reputation.
  • Diving refers to the activity of exploring underwater environments, and it can be recreational or professional, with various types such as scuba diving, free diving, and commercial diving.
  • Proper maintenance tips for diver watches include regularly checking seals and gaskets, rinsing with freshwater after each use in saltwater, and avoiding extreme temperatures and strong magnetic fields.

8 Best Diver Watches under 500 USD

Let’s take a look at some of the best diver watches under 500 USD.

The Orient Kamasu offers reliable automatic movement and a water resistance of up to 200 meters.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster features a solar-powered movement and a sturdy stainless steel case, making it a durable option for underwater exploration.

The Timex Men’s Navi XL stands out with its bold design and functional features, including a rotating bezel and luminous hands.

The Casio G-Shock GWF-1000-1jf is a rugged and robust choice with a water resistance of 200 meters and a range of useful functions.

Orient Kamasu

japanese automatic dive watch

We believe the Orient Kamasu is the best diver watch under $500. With its impressive features and performance, this watch offers excellent value for the price.

The Kamasu is equipped with a Japanese-automatic movement, providing self-winding and hacking capabilities. Its waterproof rating of 650ft makes it suitable for diving, and the luminescence on the hands and hour marks ensure visibility in low-light conditions. The rotating bezel can be used for timing purposes, while the day-date feature adds functionality.

Not only does the Kamasu excel in performance, but its aesthetic design is also noteworthy. The stylish dial, hands, crown, and wristband, along with the ribbed bezel and synthetic sapphire crystal, contribute to its overall appeal.

However, some users have reported issues with the crown size and adjustability, and there have been complaints about the color accuracy of certain dial options.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Orient Kamasu remains a top choice for those seeking a reliable and affordable dive watch.

Product Specs:

  • Case Diameter: 41.8mm
  • Water resistance: 200m (660ft)
  • Japanese-automatic movement
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 120-Click unidirectional bezel


  • Self-winding and hacking capabilities
  • Luminescence for visibility in low-light conditions
  • Day-date feature for added functionality
  • Stylish design and aesthetic appeal
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Some issues with crown size and adjustability
  • Complaints about color accuracy of certain dial options

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster

solar powered dive watch technology

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster is one of the best diver watches under 500 USD. With its 3-hand date display and luminous hands and markers, this silver-tone stainless steel watch isn’t only stylish but also highly functional. With Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, there is no longer a need for battery replacements. ISO certified and water-resistant up to 200 meters, it’s suitable for scuba diving. The watch also comes with a 5-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

Product Specs:

  • 3-hand, date display
  • Silver-tone stainless steel
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Mineral crystal
  • Eco-Drive technology
  • ISO certified
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Stylish and functional design
  • Eco-Drive technology eliminates the need for battery replacements
  • ISO certified and water-resistant for scuba diving
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Glass scratches easily
  • Tiny and hard-to-read date window
  • Band adjustment can be difficult without jeweler tools

Timex Men’s Navi XL

timex men s navi xl watch

The Timex Men’s Navi XL stands out as one of the best diver watches under 500 USD. With its attractive design and reliable performance, this watch is a great choice for diving enthusiasts. The 41mm stainless steel case provides durability, and the blue dial with large dive-style markers ensures easy readability underwater. The watch is water-resistant up to 100m, making it suitable for snorkeling and swimming. The adjustable blue fabric strap adds comfort and style to the overall design.

However, some customers have reported issues with the battery dying quickly and the second hand not hitting the indices accurately. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Timex Men’s Navi XL offers a combination of quality craftsmanship and affordability, making it a top contender in the diver watch market.

Product Specs:

  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Strap Material: Fabric
  • Dial Color: Blue
  • Water Resistance: 100m
  • Case Diameter: 41mm


  • Attractive design with large dive-style markers
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Adjustable fabric strap for comfort


  • Battery life may be short
  • Second hand may not hit indices accurately.

Casio G-Shock GWF-1000-1jf

waterproof casio g shock watch

Let’s dive into the Casio G-Shock GWF-1000-1jf, one of the best diver watches under 500 USD. This watch is a combination of durability, functionality, and style, making it a popular choice among divers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The GWF-1000-1jf features a Tough Solar system, ensuring reliable power even in low light conditions. Its Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping keeps the watch in sync with the most accurate time signals. With a 200 meter professional diver rating, this watch is designed to withstand the pressures of underwater exploration.

Product Specs:


  • Durable and reliable for underwater activities
  • Accurate atomic timekeeping
  • Stylish design


  • May be too large for smaller wrists
  • Alarm volume may be low
  • Height of the watch is substantial at 18mm.

Vostok Amphibian 120

russian diver s watch model

We can now delve into the Vostok Amphibian 120, which stands out as one of the best diver watches under 500 USD. This timepiece is a classic example of Vostok’s expertise in creating robust and durable watches. With its 200m water resistance and anti-shock balance, the Amphibian 120 is designed to withstand the rigors of diving and other extreme activities. The watch features an automatic VOSTOK self-winding movement with 31 ruby jewels, ensuring accurate timekeeping. The graduated rotating bezel and luminous hands and dots provide excellent visibility underwater.

While the strap width may feel small for the size of the watch, the overall value for money is unmatched. The Vostok Amphibian 120 is a fantastic choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable automatic dive watch.

Product Specs:

  • Dimensions: approx. 41x46x15 mm. Lug size 18mm
  • 200 m (20 Bar) Water Resistant
  • Automatic VOSTOK self-winding movement with 31 ruby jewels
  • Fully wound watches run at least 31 hours
  • Anti-shock (shock resistant) balance
  • Central second hand
  • Graduated rotated bezel
  • Luminous hands and dots


  • Affordable and excellent value for money
  • Reliable and accurate timekeeping
  • Robust and durable design, suitable for diving and extreme activities


  • Strap width may feel small for the size of the watch
  • Bezel and strap quality could be improved
  • Limited power reserve, only a few hours

Luminox Pacific Diver Chronograph

high performance diving watch

Now let’s dive into the Luminox Pacific Diver Chronograph, which stands out as one of the best diver watches under 500 USD.

This watch is designed for serious divers who require a reliable timepiece that can withstand the rigors of underwater exploration. The Luminox Pacific Diver Chronograph features a 43mm case and is water resistant up to 200m, making it suitable for deep dives.

With its screw down crown and easy-to-read dial, this watch ensures accurate timekeeping even in challenging underwater conditions. The comfortable band and sturdy construction add to its appeal, making it a popular choice among divers.

However, some users have raised concerns about the longevity of the tritium gas glow and there have been reports of discrepancies in appearance. Despite these minor issues, the Luminox Pacific Diver Chronograph offers excellent value for its price.

Product Specs:

  • 43mm case
  • Water resistant up to 200m
  • Screw down crown
  • Tritium gas glow markers
  • Chronograph function


  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable band
  • Easy-to-read dial
  • Suitable for deep dives


  • Uncertainty about the longevity of the tritium gas glow
  • Reports of discrepancies in appearance

Casio MDV106-1AV

casio dive watch with black dial

The Casio MDV106-1AV stands out as one of the best diver watches under 500 USD, offering exceptional value and reliability for diving enthusiasts. With its 200 M water resistance and diver-inspired rotating bezel with anti-reverse, this watch is designed to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration. The Casio MDV106-1AV features regular timekeeping with analog display, including hour, minute, and second hands, as well as a date display.

Product Specs:

  • Resin band
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • No Closure closure
  • Hand Wash
  • 200 M Water Resistance
  • Diver-inspired Rotating bezel with anti-reverse
  • Screw down crown
  • Date display
  • Regular timekeeping Analog: 3 hands (Hour, minute, second)


  • Exceptional value and reliability for diving enthusiasts
  • 200 M water resistance for underwater exploration
  • Diver-inspired rotating bezel with anti-reverse for accurate timing
  • Regular timekeeping with analog display and date feature
  • Resin band for durability


  • No closure closure may require additional maintenance
  • Hand wash required for cleaning
  • Limited color options available

Glycine GL0093 Combat Sub Watch

glycine s gl0093 combat sub

Let’s dive into the Glycine GL0093 Combat Sub Watch, one of the best diver watches under 500 USD. This timepiece features a black dial with luminous rose gold-tone hands, housed in a black PVD stainless steel case. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it suitable for diving. Its bi-directional rotating bezel allows for easy tracking of elapsed time underwater. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures durability and clarity.

The automatic movement of the watch has been praised for its accuracy. However, some users have had issues with the original strap, describing it as ‘complete and total garbage.’ Nonetheless, many have swapped it out for a vintage leather strap with a rose gold buckle, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

In conclusion, the Glycine GL0093 Combat Sub Watch is a reliable and stylish choice for divers on a budget.

Product Specs:

  • Black dial with luminous rose gold-tone hands
  • Black PVD stainless steel case
  • Black nylon (leather backed) band
  • Automatic movement
  • 200 meters / 660 feet water resistance
  • Bi-Directional Rotating bezel
  • Scratch Resistant Sapphire crystal
  • Solid caseback
  • Tang clasp
  • Screw Down crown
  • Case size 42 mm x 10.6 mm
  • Band 22 mm x long


  • Stylish design with rose gold accents
  • Accurate automatic movement
  • Suitable for diving with 200 meters water resistance


  • Original strap quality is subpar

Buying Guide on how to pick the best diver watch under 500 USD

Best Diver Watches Under 500 USD

When it comes to choosing the best diver watch under 500 USD, there are several important factors to consider.

First, we need to evaluate the balance between price and quality, ensuring that we get the most value for our money.

Next, we need to look at water resistance ratings, ensuring that the watch can withstand the depths we plan to explore.

Additionally, we must decide between an automatic or quartz movement, considering factors such as accuracy and maintenance.

Lastly, we need to assess the material and durability of the watch, as well as the reputation of the brand, to ensure a reliable and long-lasting timepiece.

Price Vs. Quality

Evaluating the price and quality is crucial when selecting the best diver watch under 500 USD. It’s important to compare prices from different brands to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Additionally, comparing the features of different diver watches can help you determine which one offers the most functionality and durability.

Customer reviews are also a valuable resource for assessing the quality of a watch. Reading about the experiences of other customers can give you insight into the watch’s performance, reliability, and overall satisfaction.

Water Resistance Ratings

To understand the water resistance ratings when selecting the best diver watch under 500 USD, we need to consider the various factors that determine a watch’s ability to withstand water pressure.

One of the most important factors is the price range. In this price range, it’s crucial to find a watch that offers a high level of water resistance without compromising on quality.

Water resistance testing is a key aspect to consider. Look for watches that have been tested to meet specific standards, such as ISO 6425, which ensures that the watch can withstand the pressure and conditions of diving.

Additionally, it’s important to follow proper maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of the watch’s water resistance. Regularly checking the seals and gaskets and rinsing the watch with fresh water after each use in saltwater are good practices to follow.

Automatic or Quartz

We prefer automatic watches when choosing the best diver watch under 500 USD because of their durability and reliability. The movement of the wearer’s wrist powers automatic watches, also known as self-winding watches. They do not require batteries and are known for their accuracy and long-lasting performance. On the other hand, quartz watches use a quartz crystal to regulate the time and are battery-powered. While they are more affordable and have precise timekeeping, they may require battery replacements. Here is a comparison between automatic and quartz watches:

Automatic WatchesQuartz Watches
Durability and reliabilityAffordable
No need for battery replacementsPrecise timekeeping
Long-lasting performanceLow maintenance

When it comes to diver watches, the durability and reliability of automatic watches make them an excellent choice for underwater exploration.

Material and Durability

Our top priority in selecting the best diver watch under 500 USD is ensuring its material and durability meet the highest standards.

When it comes to durability options, stainless steel is a popular choice due to its strength and resistance to corrosion. Titanium is another excellent option, known for its lightweight yet robust nature. Both materials offer exceptional durability for a diver’s watch.

To maintain the longevity of your watch, it’s essential to follow a few maintenance tips. Rinse your watch with freshwater after each dive to remove salt and other contaminants. Regularly check the seals and gaskets to ensure they’re intact and functioning properly. Additionally, avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures or strong magnetic fields, as these can affect its performance.

Brand Reputation

When considering the best diver watch under 500 USD, it’s crucial to assess the brand’s reputation. The brand reputation can provide valuable insights into the quality and reliability of the watch.

Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating brand reputation:

  • Price Comparison: Compare the prices of different brands offering diver watches under 500 USD. This will help you determine if the brand is offering a competitive price for the features and quality of the watch.
  • Customer Reviews: Read customer reviews to get an idea of the overall satisfaction level with the brand’s diver watches. Look for reviews that mention the durability, accuracy, and performance of the watches.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: Check if the brand offers a warranty on their diver watches and what the terms and conditions are. Additionally, consider the brand’s reputation for providing excellent customer support in case you encounter any issues with the watch.
  • Brand History and Expertise: Research the brand’s history and expertise in manufacturing diver watches. A brand with a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality timepieces is more likely to deliver a reliable and durable diver watch.

Best Diver Watches Under $500: FAQs

Are Diver Watches Under $500 Suitable for Professional Diving?

Diver watches under $500 can be suitable for professional diving, depending on the individual’s diving certifications. Some reputable brands offer reliable options. It is crucial to consider the depth ratings to ensure safe diving within the watch’s limitations.

Can I Wear a Diver Watch Under $500 for Everyday Use?

Yes, we can wear a diver watch under $500 for everyday use. It’s important to consider the style that suits our needs and follow proper maintenance tips to ensure longevity.

How Often Should I Service a Diver Watch Under $500?

For diver watches under $500, it is recommended to service them every 3-5 years. Regular maintenance includes checking water resistance, cleaning the case and strap, and ensuring the movement is properly lubricated.

Are Diver Watches Under $500 Water-Resistant Enough for Swimming and Snorkeling?

Diver watches under $500 are designed to be water-resistant enough for swimming and snorkeling. However, it’s important to note that there is a difference between diver watches and waterproof watches. Here are some tips for choosing the right diver watch for water activities.

What Materials Are Commonly Used in Diver Watches Under $500 to Ensure Durability and Water Resistance?

Titanium cases, stainless steel cases, and rubber straps are commonly used in diver watches under $500 to ensure durability and water resistance. These materials are chosen for their strength, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand underwater conditions.


In conclusion, when it comes to diver watches under 500 USD, there are plenty of options that combine affordability with quality.

By following our buying guide, you can confidently choose the best diver watch that suits your needs and budget.

Remember to consider factors such as water resistance, durability, and functionality.

With these top-notch timepieces, you can dive into your adventures with style and precision.

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